65 Years - Dedicated to the Worlds Inside the Glass

1953 PCA Advertisement

The Paperweight Collectors Association is the oldest and largest orgnization in the World dedicated to the art of the paperweight.

The organization was conceived early in the month of May, 1953 when through correspondence between our founding President Paul Jokelson and fellow collector friend Palmer Hart, it was decided that an association of paperweight collectors would be created. 

The advertisement seen here was published that following month in July of 1953, in ‘The Magazine Antique’. From this initial advert, 75 applications for membership were received. The following year, in May of 1954, membership had risen to 280 members and the PCA published its first Bulletin.

Interest and participation grew rapidly. The first PCA Convention was held in May 1961, in New York City with 100 members in attendance. In September 1968, Paul Jokelson published the first PCA Newsletter. In September of 1995, the PCA entered the digital era, going online with the PCA, Inc. website.

Today our membership spans the globe. In December of 2010 the PCA Facebook Page was created, allowing for casual observers, aficionados, artists, and collectors to become ever more connected, allowing for the appreciation of this enchanting art to thrive.

As a PCA member you will receive electronic color copies of the Annual Bulletin and Quarterly Newsletters,  access to the members-only portions of the PCA website and the option of purchasing the printed copies of the Annual Bulletin and Quarterly Newsletters. The Annual Bulletin is the only publication of its kind and the preeminent source for all things paperweight related. It contains indispensable, up-to-date research on the great paperweight makers of the 19th century and the masters of the art today - detailing the happenings from around the world of all paperweight related news.

The PCA holds a Convention biennially. This a is a much-anticipated event with collectors, artists, dealers and scholars from around the world meeting to share our passion for the art of the paperweight. At the Convention, attendees can expect to see artists demonstrations from some of the worlds leading glass artists, see presentations from paperweight scholars and artists, see some of the worlds finest paperweight museum collections, and have the opportunity to meet artists and add to ones collection at the artists/dealers fair.

The art of the paperweight is one of the world’s most captivating and rare forms of fine art. It is an art form that spans 150 years into the past but is forever captured under a glass dome. It is regarded by most as the worlds most difficult art from to master. Today, only a handful of artists around the world have truly mastered the art. We hope that you will join us to learn more and share in our passion for this enthralling art.